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Laila Jazar Posted At 19:05:49 11/19/2002
I would just like to say, that I am a 16 year old Palestinian girl, i watch tv and thenews and I feel great remorce for palestinian and Isreali women...especially for alll the MOTHERS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES, AUNTS, and GRANDMOTHERS who have suffred losses in their families...every person is special No matter how someone dies, or to is a loss and my heart goesout to all of you...remember "the world is not a dangerous place tolive in because of the people who do evilbut because of the pple who sit there and let it happen" stop the killing...please
Molly Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:20:37 06/04/2003

Dear Laila,

I just wanted you to know that I read what you wrote about women in israel and Palestine. It was very touching and i totaly agree with every word that you wrote. I don't have any idea what it is like to live with all that fighting going on. I wish you the best. Write back if you want.
My heart is with you
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Posted At 17:14:20 03/08/2004

i just wanna tell u girls that i'm a palestinian girl too 2o years old. i think we dont have to remorce what is happenng for the israeli women cuz i think it's their fault of what is happening for us. i wonder guys why do u feel sorry for them we dont hurt them as they do hurt us. if u are a real palestinian u woul;dnt say this cuz this is our land and we have our history in it. we dont have to feel sorry for anything we didnt ask them to come and occupy us.
thank u
ps: i don't have to agree with u girls but i respect what u wrote.

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