You have to be kiding

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The world is not that simple Posted At 17:03:38 11/25/2002
Having served in a Special Operations unit, working in both houses of Congress, the State Department and a prominent policy think tank in Washington and unfortunately encountering integrated units I think I can speak with some authority about the role of women in the military. To be sure women can and do play a very important role in the defense of our nation, combat is not one of those roles. It is to the determent of any liberal to assume man is perfectible and that we are above or can negate human instinct.
The danger begins when the liberal assumption is made that men and women are so equal they are physically the same. I am two hounded pound male in good physical shape, Throw me in a room with a thousand women. How many do you really think could kick my ass or march longer or harder than me? One? Two or more? Now what we are talking about are exceptions not the average woman. Then of course the liberal argument goes, ďso what about that 1 -2%, why canít they serve in combat?Ē I refer you to exhibit A, why every sports team is not coed, you put boys and girls together and they care more about who is sleeping with whom then where the ball goes. Donít think this is true? Thatís fine, but letís hear informed argument from someone who has served around or been in an integrated unit. They can tell you as well as I how high moral and readiness is in a unit that resembles a high school with all its drama and fornication. What they will tell you is it sucks, you cant trust any one and you have to be careful who you piss off because they can be sleeping with your boss or be trying to sleep with you. The bottom line is you cannot neglect human natures role in all things human.
Because that is what is, and always be about: Busting your ass walking with one hundred plus pounds of equipment on, meeting the enemy and cutting his heart out with your knife if necessary. Scholars who would dispute this universal truth of war need to look back into the books. As conflicts move more and more into urban terrain the likely hood of harsh hand to hand combat increases exponentially. And despite the glossy power point presentations put out by the pentagon, more technology still translates into for shit you have to hump around and carry batteries for. How many of the women in the room who succeeded in kicking my ass could carry one hundred plus pounds of equipment and ammo? Find an exception and she proves the rule, men and women are equal in many ways, muscular strength and body composition is not, nor ever will be one of them.
Now lets remove the rosy, simplistic liberal glasses and take a hard look at reality. Best case scenario, say you took a cue from human nature and made separate male female units, a great idea. Then one of these all female combat units ships off into harms way against a non-western enemy with drastically different views on female worth. Lest make a far reaching assumption that this unit is composed of genetic anomalies exactly equal to men. Be honest what do you think would really happen? What would any good dictator or despot do if they had the chance? They would put all their force and power towards butchering and letting the men do what they please with that unit, dragging naked women through the streets, anything that would horrify the Americans at home into rethinking their involvement in that conflict. Donít fool yourself into thinking our society is ready top handle such scenes on CNN as we barely stomach casualties now. And if you donít think our enemies have caught on, think again.
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you have my full agreement and in my opionon you should use more back up info

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