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fiona Posted At 01:26:07 12/29/2002
"icantbelieve" - the point is that this much heralded 'brotherhood' is culturally constructed. Men learn to bond with men through exclusion and derision of women, most often constituting itself in misogyny - not a healthy state for anyone involved.

"not that simple" - ALL militaries use women (through violence, rape etc) in order to 'conquer' their enemies. Whilst it may not be legally or officially sanctioned by the US military or government, it occurs. Regardless, civilian societies perpetrate violence against women. Seeing such images as occurring in war is no different to the reality of 'peace time'. Men, regardless of nationality, do things that "horrify" Americans - the only difference being it is done by our own citizens in our own backyard. If a woman chooses an occupation with the knowledge of potential consequences, its exactly that - her choice. Additionally, documented cases of women and men as POWs demonstrate that there is very little difference in treatment according to gender. Men can be raped as well as women, men can be dragged naked through the streets.

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