Re: Why war? Why gender? What exploits whom?

Author Subject: Re: Why war? Why gender? What exploits whom?
fiona Posted At 01:47:06 12/29/2002
I find the notion of biology and war being linked extremely interesting, but ultimately I have to appeal to the idea that the very thing that makes us human is our ability to overcome biology (I think the quote was by Einstein, or Ghandi? cant remember). Whilst homosexual behaviour is ultimately 'natural', most cultures have 'overcome' it (whether that's a good or a bad thing is another issue).

Like Murray, I hope that our

I see the two original issues as separate:
1)why war is gendered;
2)why war is universal.
Whislt biology has a part to play, a 'nature-nurture' focus can be dangerous - the common assumption that male superiority is biologically rooted is an easy conclusion to draw. Biology may be able to explain why war is universal, but its applications to gender are much more complicated. As for existing explanations, I have to say that the most rational, logical, and humane theories come from feminist theory (some, not all).

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