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Tiffany Posted At 16:50:10 02/16/2003
I too have a project on women in world war 1. I have found out that women, especially Edith Cavell. She was executed for helping over 200 soldiers by passing them through her hospital after administering medical help to them on their way to freedom. Her involvement took a dramatic toll on herself. Because her staff was entangled in her actions, her concern for their safety affected her health and produced a visible strain on her weary face. The Germans eventually infiltrated the underground, and many refugees were arrested or killed. One informer, Georges Gaston Quien, who had passed through Cavell's hospital was the betrayer of the network. On Aug. 5, 1915, Otto Meyer and other members of the secret police arrested Cavell and another nurse, Elizabeth Wilkins. Wilkins was released after being questioned but Cavell was executed for her actions in helping soldiers be free.

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