Women in Israel/Palestine

Author Subject: Women in Israel/Palestine
Abdul Hai Posted At 17:05:14 05/19/2002
i just wanted to know what do other people think about the fact that women in isreal and palestine have not been in the army have have been effected by suicude bombings and israeli millitary attacks please let me know what you think
because this is something that is ignored
by the way i am classifying it as a war because isreal claims it to be a war
Susan Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 10 replies)
Posted At 17:06:22 05/19/2002

Its not a fair "war" that's for sure. The daunting picture of Palestinians throwing rocks at Isreali tanks is very unsettling.

Women's roles in Palestine (and Isreal) have been ignored. I did a lot of research on women in the first Intifada, it is interesting to see how women's rights have really stayed stagnant.
Lucy Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 17:08:11 05/19/2002

Hi. I think that you are absoutly right that women in Isreal have been deprived of enrolling in their local or countries army. They get denied their rights as it is, and I think that if they want to help their country and if they want to show how they are effected every day by whats going on, then they should be able to do whatever they want and can to show how they feel. Thank you. Lucy
Akbar Smith Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:09:13 05/19/2002

Listen....all the palestine ladies are involved in sucide bombing...they have played their part...but not right one.
Laila Jazar Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 19:05:49 11/19/2002

I would just like to say, that I am a 16 year old Palestinian girl, i watch tv and thenews and I feel great remorce for palestinian and Isreali women...especially for alll the MOTHERS, SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, WIVES, AUNTS, and GRANDMOTHERS who have suffred losses in their families...every person is special No matter how someone dies, or to whom...it is a loss and my heart goesout to all of you...remember "the world is not a dangerous place tolive in because of the people who do evilbut because of the pple who sit there and let it happen" stop the killing...please
Lance Greole Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 3 replies)
Posted At 22:56:45 02/26/2003

I would like to offer my sincerest support to the idea that Isreali women should be allowed to fight for there country. It is wrong to deny anyone the right to fight for there beliefs. And as I, as a man I think that any guy who doesnt want the women to fight is an idiot! Better them than me I alway say!!! LOL.
Karthika Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:03:29 03/31/2003

there are plenty of women who would give up their lives to defend there country.. i am a sri lankan tamil.. and in our country there are also fighting.. i believe in what the tamils do.. suicide bombings are a shame because most men get involved to defend their country not, to put it bluntly, commit suicide...
mare Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:28:55 07/12/2003

I would like to learn more about the life style of both the isreal? paalestine women. are they treated as equals? if not then no one is free in this world. thank. mare
Sabrina Re: Women in Israel/Palestine (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:56:33 11/25/2003

what do yall go through in life. what things do yall have to do. do yall have to listen to your husband and your father and his father.

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