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alex Posted At 15:15:38 10/25/2003
Im am starting to become very pissed off with all of this talk of women envolved in the 2 world wars. First off all of the information out now about the great "acomplishments" women did in both world wars is extreamly blown out of proportion. The truth of the matter is a nuse who treated d day soldiers in a london hospital hindreds of miles away from omaha beach does not in any way compare to the hardships a male field medic who stormed the beaches that ill fated morning faced. Im am getting really pissed of how women were involved in both world wars. Because in no way what so ever does a wac who flew a built airplane from flint michagane to the brookland navy yard does not in any way what so ever compare to a male pilot who flew b 17 over ocupied germany. By the way my grandfather is nco george Papakides a member of the 101st airborn. He died last year after living a fullfilling life and with vived stories of bastone and landing in back of utah beach on normandy.
ya Re: how world war 1 affected women (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:07:27 10/29/2003

i agree with you everyone say women had hardships the only hardships they had was bein able to vote thats wot they wanted, an flying a plane in enemy territory that requieres balls man there life expectancy was weeks not years.
brenda Re: how world war 1 affected women (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:04:20 11/07/2003

well, i understand ur point of view, but look at mine for a moment. when the men went out at war, there wasn't any one to work in factories, and as clerks...etc. so the women got those jobs plus i'm sure they had to cook & clean their houses. some changes are that they got jobs (they had to work for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week),they were also given liitle opportunity to do more than make bandages & "comforts" for the troops.women also worked in offices as typists, they worked on buses & drove underground trains, there were women in the police & the armed forces. their appearance started to change after a while: shorter hair, shorter skirts,even their small waists disappeared,their apparel/dress changed; from short skirts to pants used by "landgirls".
now wot do u think abt. women's "hardship" as u put it?? write & tell me.

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