Re: how world war 1 affected women

Author Subject: Re: how world war 1 affected women
Heather Trahan Posted At 07:46:56 11/10/2003
i think that women and men helped the war equally...has anyone ever heard of teamwork..the men faught and the women held the world together by taking the mens places during the war...Women did also take care of the soliders...if men are so mad that women didn't fight then why were women not fighting in the we have women in the army and back then we could of 2...The mens job was to fight and the women had their own jobs...But remember for the future which the world alread knows is that mean can't handel every job that needs to be done...and women can't either! WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER FRIENDS AND STARNGERS...ENEMIES AND BUDDIES...WOMEN AND MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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