Re: how world war 1 affected women

Author Subject: Re: how world war 1 affected women
Anonymous Posted At 17:31:03 11/12/2003
Many don't realize it, but many women became prostitutes also. Men on the front lines rarely saw women. Any type of entertainment would require men to play women's parts and dress in drag. In France, officials wanted to keep the soldier's spirits up so they licensed prostitutes to keep the men's minds off their women at home. They would take prostitutes off of the streets, place them in a brothel, and allow the men to "have their fun". Venereal diseases spread everywhere, killing many men and women. The prostitutes weren't even appealing. One soldier reported that in a brothel there was a seventy year old prostitute with lice in her hair. Other countries didn't license it, but prostitution was obviously going on during the entire war.

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