Re: Women in Israel

Author Subject: Re: Women in Israel
Hailey Posted At 02:35:32 12/14/2003
Are you referring to Palestinian women or Israeli women?

FYIs for the readers' knowledge:

- Israel is the ONLY country in the WORLD that declares mandatory army duty for it's female citizens. JEWISH female citizens (however, there are circumstances for exemptions).

- Palestinian/Arab women DO NOT serve in the army. I'd like to make this point VERY clear.

I think that some people on this message board are confused about the situation of women in Israel. Army duty is a very significant part of Israeli society and life in general. To say whether it is agreeable that women MUST serve the army but are not granted equal rights... is another question altogether. Why should women give up 2 years of their lives to shuffle papers in an army office? EQUALITY, dammit, EQUALITY!!!!!!!!

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