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Megan Posted At 10:37:17 03/13/2004
Alex do you play hockey? I don't think so. Well I do and you better think twice about Women aren't as strong as Men. We are better emotionally and can physically participate in anything you do. so don't go around acting like your the best cause your not! you may think we're not as good as you but look at some pretty fine women in history:
Amelia Earhart
Sandra Bullock
Krissy Wendell
Natalie Darwitz
well good. cause I am sick and tired of you fat losers who think women aren't as good as them. Quoted by General Henry Arnold 1944:
"Women have shown us that they can fly wingtip to wingtip with their brothers!"
Read it an weep cause if you come near to sayin that ever again I will slap you to greenland. I may have breasts but that still doesn't mean I don't wanna shoot a gun or carry enormous loads. You need to have more thought into your whole brain!

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