Re: Women in Israel/Palestine

Author Subject: Re: Women in Israel/Palestine
Francisca Posted At 11:28:24 03/17/2004
I've been reading all the responses to emails and I think it's a shame that people, in 2004, including myself, can't seem to put aside their thoughts, opinions and prejudices about Palestinians and Israelis. The question is not who started what and we're right and they're wrong. No! The question is when will all this bitter fighting stop. There's been killing of innocent people for over 50 years and things don't seem to be improving....WHY!!!!! Because we are not trying hard enough. Everyone in the West, especially the U.S. are consumed in their own little world. This country was so distraught over 9/11 and the thousands of innocent people who unfortunately died but here's a newsflash, 9/11 happens everyday in other parts of the world. Let's put aside judgement and let's talk about solutions. There will be no peace or resolution without communication. If we can't do it in the U.S., then how are people in Israel supposed to set aside their hurt and anguish long enough to establish a nation for both Palestinians and Jews. The problem is not going to go away, so what's the solution? You tell me.

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