Re: Why war? Why gender? What exploits whom?

Author Subject: Re: Why war? Why gender? What exploits whom?
Harold Posted At 08:33:17 10/03/2002
if 'our genes have programmed us to look at outsiders and enemies and kill them', then why does the world expoerience such evident cultural diversity? indeed, why are any of us left at all in this 'war of all against all'. Surely our continued existence, and the vast variety of ways in which cultures, societies, lineages and ethnicities interact might tend to attenuate any possible case for genetic determination of the phenomenon of war, rather than merely a background capacity for aggression.

The last line of Feldstein's first post suggests that he thinks economic exploitation and war are mutually exclusive. Isn't it more often the case that they reinforce each other; what else is imperialism? What else were the Gulf Wars?