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mary condren Posted At 14:15:20 01/07/2002
I have just finished reading your book. It is brilliant! I was especially appreciative since I am just about to embark on teaching a course on Gender and Violence at the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies at Trinity College Dublin. It is a nine-week optional module and I intend to highly recommend your book to the students and also to use some chapters as core texts. Since the course starts this week and it is optional, I don't know whether or not I can persuade them to buy it, especially since I have other expensive tastes in reading material.

I loved especially your wealth of reading material and bibliographical references. They will save me hours of work in the areas you have covered.

I have long worked in the area of war and gender, given our situation here in Ireland. I have focussed on the area of gender and sacrifice and hope this year to find the time to get my work into print. I teach part time in Trinity and the business of earning a living pre-occupies me far more than it is worth.

I did publish one article from my doctoral thesis (Harvard 1995) on The Role of Sacrifice in the Construction of a Gendered Social Order and Gendered System of Representation. It is in the Journal of Women's History, 1995/6. I think you would find it a useful addition to your own thinking. It draws on post-modernist perspectives in feminist and psychoanalytic theory.

Again many thanks and I will certainly pass on any useful material from my course.

Mary Condren

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