question about women in combat and terrorism

Author Subject: question about women in combat and terrorism
Clare Hutchinson Posted At 10:06:04 07/09/2003
Does anyone have any opinions on this.....?

Could be a link between women's exclusion from combat and the ability to be 'real citizens' if citizenship is defined (as in traditional international relations) through militarization and fighting for one's country; and women as terrorists. If women were more able to openly be recognized and encouraged to fight, do you think they might be less willing to be covert participants.
Ella Re: question about women in combat and terrorism (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 08:13:39 08/11/2003

Women's exclusion from combat has always been about keeping them outside of the loop, or outside of citizenship, as you describe it. What we need to question however is not how we can redress this but whether women's involvement in violence especially terrorism where they have had a higher presence can ever be truly empowering. I would suggest the answer is 'no'. Any thoughts?

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